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The Void remains arbitrary..
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:iconllama3dplz: + :iconfav3dplz: => :iconhermanomaracujaebo: or :iconnewsfellaplz: my favorite artworks!

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Hellcome everyone on the Darkside!!

He you! Let me indroduce myself, iam someone who begans in 1993 his Carrier of obsessiv artificial Expression. Iam Herold Engelsmacher a German, not the stereotypic Clichemineon, not that radical HeilShitlerasshole - antifragil Brainiac and Blackattitudelover, because going Black one time, makes forever Black. After over 2 Decades of practicing passionated the sinister Art of illustrious visual Acting, my Style counts as an Classic! We know Womans & Mens of Wealth and Taste guest this Name in the Fav- & Watchlist. Whats puzzling the Rhizom of the DA´s and whats confusing you?

Its the Nature of the Game & the Freedom of XXX. A archaic Potency- and Fertilityexperience.

Have some Kudos, get on down and become a Tigerblood!

Baphomet by HermanoMaracujaEBO

Coming up: The dark Tantrayogaseries, but at first:

The Disclai...ahm..Procla..ahm Disclaimer

Why do yo believe Hollywoodstories like the Don Jon? - We know its a positiv, sympathic, amusing story, but the sientifical Aspect is overrated. The Hamburger Institute for sexual Researches, got the intellectual Meaning: They explicates explicite Content is strongly important for your sexual Selfdetermination, your Emanzipation and its a GO to learn the Handling of, a you are able to decide. If you don´t, the Ghost of Sigmund Freud comes along and violate you by an phallic Beatingstick.. iam not kidding, hes beating you on your infantil, undeveloped Head! The sexual Revolution of the 60ties isn´t to deny, whatever the Rethorics de-, re- or construct, pouring old Wine into new Hoses as Compensation of anything conservativ, remains just old Wine and denying it uptight by Intellectualising of your Sexuality is really unhealthy. Condemn is too easy! You dont get it? You...get it! Ok whoOoOop, here we go..

What´s in? - Sin, Sin put it in!

Keep your Drive flashy, liquid and alive, be near to your Self-esteem (Emotions, Performances, Sovereignity, Bodyfeeling, Attractivity, Critix by your Favgender) target the almost Alphagrade by a concious State of Mind. In Colision with the Monsters domesticate it - tame it to an Animal – consider it aggressiv and sexual. Build a Stronghold like the Vlad Dracula to fight lubricationmotivated mental, emotional and social Resistances in the vampiristical Selfaspects and -consequences. The Use of carthartic, selfinterviewing, roleplaying or subliminal Methods can be a Help, but appreciate bloody Confrontation, its the Priorspell, you need to learn to live your Dreams.

Vitality needs Lessons and Persons of handling it, sometimes also creepy ones, but differentiate it from the dooming Defensemechanisms, the Substitute. Center your own Fire and remember your Childhood is permanently in Retrospectif, its a Comeback – again and again and again. Whatever you do there is no absolute Adulthood, the Game is just juvenil like it ever was, now its just a cultivated acting. Be as an Surviver of the Shadownature your own and give it to the Outerworld, its needful Communication, not only the spoken Word, don´t be inhibited and suppress it - use it diplomatical.

Being the Pervert in Foreplay, being evilish polite, being slick sly in Bed and contest them by Subtlty! And please!! Don´t retard it by permanently ridiculous acting like a homophobic Sexist or sounding all the time mediocre like a creepy Phreak, that shows you only got a gigantic sexual Problem. Dont let you tricking by unmotivated, conspiring or faking Fucklings, muscle and stretch these Things. Percept from now to the Selfmoment your Attraction in Person (HER or HIM) than the Surroundings, role your driving individual Version, dont loose your Drive you need it to dominate. Let them loose it by Threatening, using BlaBlaBla to center the Attention! Find your own Way of Souleating - its a must be found! Follow the Smell and Sound of Oestrogen and Adrinalin, its the instinctional Kiss. The perceptional Way in and intuitional Way out is so useful to prior it on Top, listen and let you lead by the Choices of the Innervoices.

Methodize it to stay in Reality and to be close to the Momentum, conquer it black and british. Its simply the socialdarwinistical Isle, please dont ship around in the flying Dutchman! Work it out, throught and in! Its the Attitude of All, if you dont get it tall and eat the Angle on your Shoulder, you playing your Selfreliance small!

If you cant have it taking it, be a really consistent Person! Just the smartest, most sadistic-masochistic and materialistic survive on the higher Levels of sexual Weaponworld. Murder them big Egos by bigger Daggers, until they speak whispering inside a Circle of Salt in Torture Gardens.

Foodnote: You can do mystical Yoga and be a Healthfoodie..for Super(passion)fruit(class)ification,but if you dont move intelligent to the Borders of your Body - learn to know him - there is no Impact. And i telling you, there are peops outthere in Ages of 30 – 40, they don´t know them Body, like these foolish Nuns! Train regulary your Skillz, it will be a great Missing. Dont make you weak and unattractiv, where is your Marauder, your Rebuilder? A Animalist also needs the vitamin..ahm hormonebuilding Sun, your negative Energy must shine to pun! Don´t listen the Blablablas, the Whatevers, the Anythings - listen the floating Blood in your Ears and the pumping Nature between you Legs kills your selfmocking Fears. Open your eyes be a Keeptress and a Keeper and do what you feel, don´t let you stress, don´t bother, ignore them, who are them already? Misses Baphomet & Maggotbone, Mister Freud & Sade are on your rocking Side, don´t believe the blamable Irritation, just do it like the Nikes say and be out for the Sharpeyes, the Kisserchecks and the Screamingmatches, i think thats it! Last but not least, buy those tiny Plasticbags for the needful things and don´t loose your nerves in the Fire of Addiction even if you got a Craving, keep it save you Fuckers!

Your Mister..


Lovers gone love or Haters gone judge.

Here, my languages in the profile:
Spanish lang2 by Faeth-design BT EN Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design German Language Level: Expert by gaaradesert6


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