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the will of the æsthetic abysses
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Hellcome everybody or Oh, my Goth!

He you! We all know how relevant Determinations are, because they influence the own Decisions. But how? Determination as a basal Aspect of Self-, Ego- and also Sex-Driveorganisation is a Thing of Inclusion and Exlusion. In the Age of 3 - 6 you hold incestious Ideas in the Abeyance and overcome it, if the Parents make it clear that you are the beloved Result of Begetting and Birth to be setted free in a World of the other or same Gender. If not, you living the good´ol Story of the most popular Oedipus or the female Reversal Electra. A utopian Story in which the sexual opposite Gender of the Parents is a Projectionshape of all Kinds of Perversions and the same sexual Parent is a Aggressionvalve. Than the whole World is full of Envy and Greed on openminded Families, mostly everywhere! Which reasons to fearcounter by infantil Stereos in a Borderline-sexual-harrasment-act the sovereign relational Connections. You Meaningless, you cant mob the Reality out of People. This is psychic Batcountry! Contenance, you motherfuckin Trashtalker!

Sounds like the usually suspected Things, familiar especially for you? Then its fucked up in a Imagination without Meaning! The so called "Bastardthing or poor consequenceless Fuck!“ Just another blaming Mother- or Fatherfuckergameplay.. Its a bit rude to say: Ok Oedipus, continue sailing and dream on! You are just a Underdeveloper! And tell both Parentsparts, it was me Lucas „the Mindfucker“ Lux who disanchanted it. But at first let me burn down the Supportsickness in a truly overwhelming Story. You may call me in a Kind of relegious Act similar to the Son of the Bitch called Maria Magdalena a Satanist, but remember: There is no such a Figur like the Devil, your Head is just full of Nondifferntiations, Readymades, Sailors Yarn, Stereotypes and Cliches.I Guess your Devil is the Opponent of a great Man. A Man? A Father? Why are strong Womans and badass Mothers the personified Evil? Its simple, YOU are incestious retarded precisly like the entire prude chistian Milieu, advertised as the fatalistic „Cruxclientel“.

Baphomet by HermanoMaracujaEBO:

Why is the Sky blue and Sun bright, Perception! Perception! Or maybe Dumbpowder or Virtuality? Maybe not?! Where is your basic Trust and why do you believe evermore in anxious Situations? Your Parents are annoying Extremists. Why do you dream this Dream? You are a Daughter or a Son of a Bitch or privat Liars and Ravens. Its fucked up, they coddled, humbled and kidded you. Can you feel it deep inside, the Secret is no longer a Secret of the Past, where all the Kids from those ol`days are telling the „Where are you from Story 1..“ but you didnt listen on it instead to often on your Psychopath between your Legs. On a Scale from Yes to No would you prefer Emanuelle or/and Monty Phyton? Then make what you want or pay your Dues and forget the idiotic Father- or Mothermonsterreadymade! Think and feel outside the blackest Box of Marquis de Sade and Sigmund Freud, moreover spare me the tragically comical Attitude and the Homophobiaoptions. Its obscure enough in the Circles of full grown, the Everywhereworld of Mothers and Fathers. And make me the sexual Revolution or the divorced Reliving without the Boxthoughtsstrategies. Do you like my Story and Realisies, Yeah? I got something more to tell!

1.. "The Womb of the Mother, implanted by the Father, where you from!" - No Flowers and Bees!

Back to Decisionmaking, Selfesteem and Destiny, what the Hell means it when the Void remainz arbitrary? All of us are traveling in the World of Contingency of Decisions, better known as Affinityoptions and if the Interest is hooked on someone or something, so you setting the Determination up to significate it sooner or later. Be carefull how you re-code your Destiny, clear interactional Decisions establish fresh Optionality, because if you dont reflect and restructure it, Destiny or more appropriate the repressed Unconcious sends the Mindfuck to Reality! No Decision, is also a Decision and Uncertainties are the Horrors which will be lived out.

Why the Selfesteem as theoretical Container of Drivepracticing? Its a Egosupportsystem which contains Methodthoughts and Empathyconnections to make the Decisions consistently happen. Drivekeeping is more than a Sexthing or Famthing, it is namly a Structurething. Compensations will not deal with it like effectively organised Selfdrivestructures to sublimate the Experiences. Here the uncomplicated Mathematix of a Non-Biaz-Selfesteem:

Emotional Serenity within the Socialitycontext
Sovereign Manners in the World
Criticism by a respectable Culture of Debate
Attractive Surface and adaquate Selfpromotionsstyles
Subtly powerfull Bodyfeeling for the empathic Drive

Selftargets: Maintaining, Controlling, Widening

Sympatize with your Devil, instead of Valuetotalitarism! Life logical!

Your Mister..


The Void remainz arbitrary..

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